#DNU | Peer Producing FLOS and Commons University Working Group Next meeting: March 9, Monday, 14:00, Cafeteria, @Maagdenhuis, Spui 21, Amsterdam

Social Network Unionism

Peer Producing FLOS (Free / Libre and Open Source) and Commons University Working Group  
imece image
Contact person: Orsan Senalp (networg.nl)
Email: networg@networg.nl
WG online spaces: 
E-list: … in progress
To design and implement ‘the new university’ in a way it is grounded and working at the #Maagdenuis and p2p networked to outside world, now. It’s form, content / cirriculum, and governance will be peer produced, as in some of the free/libre and open source projects, where people can produce, shared, and disseminate knowledge as a commons, by each participants. What we have in mind is to construct an working ’emancipatory’ model, where students and academic workers, of UvA and in general, empowers each other and delivers emancipatory knowledge for the use of  broader society. Such model needs to be thought in binary opposition to the…

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