Hyper-empowering nodes, hubs and networks with Web 2.0 and P2P technologies

NetwOrg is a not-for-profit and for-benefit initiative. It helps workers, unions, labour networks, labour advocacy NGOs and campaigns to understand the dynamic developments in the fields of P2P networking and the Web 2.0 and adopt relevant innovations into their daily reality. In order to be able to translate such dynamic phenomenon into the context of its partners NetwOrg prepares and delivers:on-line and face to face trainings, exchange workshops, strategy meetings, and policy/project advice. While learning form them, we search and find together the best ways of benefiting from the transforming power of the ground-breaking and rapid technological developments. We believe that a trans-level approach that would aım at empowerıng individual nodes, their networks and collective organizations simultaneously, would give the best result. So that organisatıons and networks could reach out and expand towards the segments of society that are more difficult to reach by using traditional methods; to inform or ‘organize’ or, ‘network’ with them. Tools and capabilities we teach enable our clients to engage with existing member base or peers in their networks more actively, activate them; or realize stronger relationship, participation and organizational democracy. So they can collaborate with maximum variety and amount of actors who share or support their objectives.  Meanwhile each nodes would get more empowered and add in return strength of the collective, the net, the organization.

The Social NetwOrg

Since the early 2000s, accelerating developments in the field of information and telecommunication technologies,  has brought about new  and massive organizational capacities for networks. While organizations have gained powerful networking capacities. In this context new organizing is becoming networganizing, while networg is emerging to replace both organization and network. So networganizing is about how this emerging form  functions. It  differs both from organizing and networking since it refers to a higher level synthesis, which goes beyond the previous syntheses between the network and the organization. Namely, the networked organisation and the organised network . Networg is about reaching out like-minded key peers, linking them and their network bases into each other strategically. While shaping a dynamic social space and agenda in a collaborative way a networg could ideally canalize the emerging social and communication power to the dynamically identified targets. Therefore it potentially would be able to create a maximum amount of unpredictable impact. Combining and embedding peer to peer relational dynamics and technologies into its internal processes as well as its external relationships, networg would eventually hyper-empowers all the nodes involved.

Örsan Şenalp


I am the founder of NetwOrg. I currently manage and coordinate several online projects like Social Network Unionism blog, Networked Labour website and email list, and Global Networked Labour Union (GNUnion). I continiously think, talk, act, research, write, invent, present, and share in diverse fields of, among others distributed and networked politics, transnational and informational political economy of labour and social movements, collaborative online self-organizing and action, and collective campaigning. Some of my writings and presentations are available online, here and here.

Previously, I worked with Turkey and the Netherlands based trade unions, NGO and advocacy groups like DISK, Oleyis, Tudef, FNV Bondgenoten, Transnational Institute, TIE-Netherlands. At the international level, I played an active interlocking role in Reclaiming Public Water Network, People’s Water Forum, Labour and Globalisation Network, Joint Social Conference and Alter Summit processes. I am afilated to New Unionism Network and on a daily basis I do manage tens of online social media accounts, online communities that are engaged in communication and networking activity; most of them are in relation to labour and social justice activism, and union organising.

I have been intensifely active on many online and real world / transnational workgroups, since the early 2011. Some of which are/ were linked to 15M, Decmoracia Real Ya, TaketheSquare, OccupyWallStreet and #OccupyGezi movements. I contributed to the preperation of #15O Global Change, #11.11.11 Occupy the World, # Global Spring, #Global Noise, #MMM – Million Mask March international mobilisations and am currently engaged in the preparation of worldwide mobilisations tagged as #WaveOfAction and #MetaStrike.

You can reach me by using one of the following channels


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Other personal social networks accoutns: ONN-1DiasporaUnionbookP2P- FoundationGoogle+FacebookTwitterLinkedIn


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